Jewel Thief Reel Slot

Now here is a video slots game that you can take to the bank! It’s called Jewel Thief Reel Slot and it offers slots players everywhere a uniquely captivating video slots experience that is definitely hard to beat.

Coming out of Jackpot City’s awesome portfolio of video slots offerings, Jewel Thief Reel Slot has enough new features and opportunities to win packed into an excitement rich package to stand out from the crowd. Jewels are what the game is all about–diamonds in particular–and if you are lucky or clever enough to crack the vault, untold riches can be yours for the taking!

Jewel Thief Reel Slot is a 3 reel game that offers 3 paylines and a wild symbol besides. With a jackpot value of 6000 coins and a 2nd highest pay of 3000, there is enough here to keep you focused on the reward.

The game allows coins of various sizes making it ideal for beginner and intermediate level players.